Install Flash Player 10.1 on Nokia N900



Some websites require Flash Player 10.1 but unfortunately they haven't released it on Nokia N900. But don't worry, here's a simple solution so you can play those videos!

Go to your App Manager and install Tweak Flash Plugin. (Be sure that Maemo extras-testing or extras-devel catalog is enabled to download to app)

Close all broswers.

Open the application, then tap on the one below Change to: as shown below

Change it to Linux 10.1.53 (Desktop)

Tap on Change

Then tap on Done

Close the application.

Open your browser and try playing your favorite video! If it doesn't work, consider rebooting/restarting your phone.


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Where to Find Images from Print Screen



Tap on File manager

Tap on Nokia N900 folder

Tap on Images

Tap on Screenshots


Useful Keyboard Shortcuts for Nokia N900




Ctrl + A - Select all
Ctrl + C - Copy text
Ctrl + O - Open
Ctrl + S  - Save
Ctrl + V - Paste text
Ctrl + X - Cut text
Ctrl + Y - Redo
Ctrl + Z - Undo

Ctrl + Shift + P - Print Screen
Ctrl + Enter - Send email message


Ctrl + B - Open a bookmark
Ctrl + C - Copy text
Ctrl + D - Add a bookmard
Ctrl + F - Search bar
Ctrl + N - Open a new window
Ctrl + R - Refresh/Reload browser


Ctrl + N - Create a new message
Ctrl + Enter - Send message


How to Add Gmail Account on Nokia N900



Tap on Email

Tap on Email Menu on top

Tap New account

Tap Next

Choos your Region
Service - Gmail
Account Title - whatever you wish
Tap Next

Enter your User details
Name - N900 Addict
User name - Gmail ID
Password - Gmail password
E-mail address - Gmail account
Tap Next

Account setup is complete
Tap Finish

**Note - I suggest you restart your phone if email is not loading.


How to Add Yahoo Mail Account to Nokia N900



Add your Yahoo mail account without paying for Yahoo Mail Plus.

Open Email app

Tap on Email menu

Tap on New account

Tap Next
You'll see this after you tap next

Choose your Region
Service Provider - choose Other
Account title - whatever title you like
Then hit Next

Name - Your name
User name - Yahoo ID
Password - Yahoo password
E-mail address - Yahoo email address (e.g.
Tap Next

Account type - IMAP4
Incoming server (IMAP4) -
Tap Next

Outgoing server (SMTP) -
Tap Next

Tap on Advance Settings
Scroll all the way down to the last port. Note that there are two ports, the first one should be 143 and the second change it to 587
Tap Save

Tap Finish

It may take a while to update, but if you still don't see your messages after 5-10 minutes, I suggest you restart your phone.

Good Luck!

Want more apps to your Nokia N900?


When I first got my n900, I thought the applications that I can download was unlimited. Unfortunately when I went to App Manager, I can count the apps with my fingers. So I immediately went online and searched for apps. I found that I just need to some catalogs and I can download as many apps as I want.

Here's a step by step

Go to app manager

Click on the Application manager menu which is on top of the screen

Click on Application catalogs

Click New

Enter the following
                                       For extras-testing: (apps are  for testing purposes and not for end users)

                                       For extras-devel:

Then click Save.

Once you hit save, it should update

After the update, click on download and you should be able to see tons of apps!



MMS on N900


I've just installed the first application to send and receive MMS. Thanks to frals! I have T-mobile and here's a step by step of what I did.

1. Install fAPN to add GPRS APN, since n900 will only allow you to add wifi.
2. Open fAPN
3. Hit add new APN
4. Enter desired name then hit add
5. Go to settings
6. Internet Connections
7. Connections
8. Highlight the new APN then hit edit then next
9. Access point name: and leave the rest blank
10. Hit next
11. Hit advanced
12. Use proxy: true
      HTTP proxy:
      Port number: 8080
      Automatic configuration: true
      Web address:
13. Hit save then finish
14. Then I installed fMMS
15. Open fMMS
16.APN: choose the one that you just added
     Resize image width: 300
     Your phone number: your own phone number
17. Hit save

There you go!

If you have other service, you can find some of the settings here.

Good luck!